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Skógafoss Waterfall

Skógafoss is a stunning waterfall located in the southern region of Iceland, near the small town of Skógar. It is one of the most popular and photographed waterfalls in Iceland due to its picturesque location and grand size.

The waterfall is approximately 60 meters high and 25 meters wide, and it falls from a steep cliff made of volcanic rock, which was formed during the last ice age. The water comes from the Skógá River, which originates from the Eyjafjallajökull glacier.

One of the most impressive aspects of Skógafoss is the sheer amount of water that falls from the cliff, creating a massive mist that can be seen from far away. On sunny days, a rainbow can often be seen arching over the falls, making it a popular spot for photographers and nature lovers alike.

Visitors to Skógafoss can take a staircase to the top of the waterfall and enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding landscape, which includes lush green hills, rugged mountains, and the nearby Atlantic Ocean.

Legend has it that a treasure chest is hidden behind the waterfall, which was placed there by a Viking settler named Þrasi Þórólfsson. Despite many attempts to find the chest, it has never been discovered, adding an air of mystery and intrigue to this already captivating attraction.